Your cat, a good feline citizen…

Pet at home and feline citizen in the community!

The moment your cat sets foot outside your front door, he becomes a feline citizen. In this capacity, just like his human master, he is expected to respect the municipality's laws and regulations.

Learn about the applicable regulation
In Kirkland, By-Law no. 2013-56 sets out the rules that regulate responsible pet ownership. If a cat is found straying within the Town's limits, it may be picked up by a municipal employee and impounded, in which case its owner will have to incur impound and boarding fees to reclaim the animal.
The By-law, in a nutshell
The by-law relating to animals stipulates that as a good feline citizen, the cat must not:
  • cause damage to another person's property;
  • meow to the point where it disturbs the peace or bothers the neighbours;
  • displace garbage;
  • leave its property;
  • stray within the Town limits;
  • be on a private property without its owner's consent;
  • be in a park, a playground or other municipality-owned public areas.
For his part, the owner of the cat is required to:
  • ensure that his animal complies with good neighbour rules imposed by the by-law relating to animals;
  • provide his animal with adequate food, shelter and basic care;
  • have no more than two cats per household (except for newborn kittens that may be kept together until they are three months old);
  • not abandon his animal within the Town limits.

Lost, found or stray cats

To notify us of a lost, found or stray cat or to file a complaint about a cat, dog or other animal, or even to notify us about a dead or injured animal within the city, please contact the Public Security call dispatch centre at 514 630-1234.

Note that you can also notify us online through the Requests on Line system.