Municipal Departments

Engineering and Urban planning

The Engineering and Urban Planning Department is responsible for the design and supervision of all construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure, buildings and road networks as well as the issuance of permits for all modifications to our public utilities grid. This department is responsible for permits requests, building inspections, municipal By-Laws and zoning.

Repaving Program

  • The estimated life a new paving is 20 years;
  • Every year the city chooses the roads that will be repaired based on their current condition and age;
  • The roadworks are done under the supervision of the Director of Engineering and Urban Planning and the Division head - engineering. A team of three civil engineering students are employed by our department for the summer season.
  • Rehabilitation work of the arterial network is the responsibility of the Town of Kirkland.
  • The arterial network includes St-Charles Boulevard, Brunswick Boulevard East, Hymus Boulevard and Service Roads of Highway 40.

Public Utilities

  • Hydro-Quebec
  • Gaz Metropoitain
  • Bell
  • Videotron
Communication and rapid response to their permit requests (poles, street cuts, connection to our network).

Traffic Lights
  • Oversee and manage the proper operation of traffic lights;
  • Ensure that traffic lights in Kirkland are synchronised in order to maintain a fluid circulation of traffic.

To contact either department:

514 694-4100


Administrative unit secretary
Suzanne Desjardins 

Cartography Technician
James Wood 
Technical Agent
Francis Cabana Lodico

Section Head
Michel Bellemare, Eng.


Sam Tock, Eng.

Urban Planning

Inspection Clerk  Residential
Marie-Josée Audy 
Inspection Clerk  Industrial/commercial
Luther Gutierrez

Kristopher Parent