News releases

Mark your calendars for Kirkland’s 6th Annual Environment Day!
Published April 27, 2016

New Regulation for an Ever-Greener City
Published April 11, 2016

Kirkland Food Drive - On December 6, the Town of Kirkland calls upon all Kirklanders to GIVE generously!
Published November 25, 2015

SDP Horizon 2016-2021 - Kirkland to launch an online survey!
Published May 15, 2015

Ian Bos dropped by the Kirkland Town Hall on his trip across Canada
Published June 23, 2015

Mark your calendars for Kirkland’s 5th Annual Environment Day!
Published April 24, 2015

Dossier 440 - Construction of a new 40/440 overpass : a non-negotiable element for Kirkland
Published October 7, 2014

Kirkland, fueled with Biodiesel!
Published June 27, 2014

Thumbs up to Margaret Manson students
Published June 6, 2014

Kirkland Environment Day
Published May 1st, 2014

One Birth, One Tree: A Kirkland Environment Program
Published March 24, 2014

2014 BUDGET: Enhanced services, budgetary stability, no tax increase for the average home: Council achieves its objectives!
Published February 25, 2014

The Town of Kirkland endows its Library with cutting-edge technology!
Published February 14, 2014

Summer Reading Program - The Kirkland Library wins the 2013 Readers’ Cup Award!
Published October 7, 2013

The Town of Kirkland contributes $20,000 to help the municipality of Lac-Mégantic rebuild its municipal library and archives
Published August 9, 2013

Town of Kirkland unveils fresh, new website
Published August 2, 2013

Kirkland takes modern approach to communications
Published June 24, 2013

The Town of Kirkland launches CodeRED to advise residents in case of emergency situations
Published May 30, 2013

Local Air Cadets get a feel for what it’s like to work at their local Town Hall
Published May 23, 2013