Snow removal

Snow removal

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow …

Now to get rid of it!

If only snow could fall away from my property …, is what we all wish for when winter comes around. Unfortunately, since this is not likely to happen, we must ensure to respect municipal regulations when handling Mother Nature's gift on our driveways and around our properties.

Learn about the applicable regulations

In Kirkland, By-Law No. 2013-57 sets out the rules applicable to snow removal on private properties (driveways, roofs, etc.) as well as regulatory requirements for municipal snow clearing (public roads, sidewalks, etc.). Both citizens and contractors must comply with the by-law during private property snow removal from driveways and roofs.

Watch out for snow accumulation on roofs and balconies …

Snow accumulation on the edges of sloped roofs can represent a hazard for persons walking near the buildings. Add rain and warmer temperatures, the additional weight may cause roofs and balconies to sag and even collapse. This is why regular preventative maintenance is important to prevent the accumulation of ice and snow.

Article 2 of By-law No. 2013-57 defines the responsibilities of the homeowner or occupant of the building pertaining to private snow removal.

The person must ensure they:

  • Do not let snow or ice accumulate on the roof;
  • Clear it themselves or hire someone to do it, while taking the necessary precautions to avoid any risk of accident;
  • Immediately remove from the sidewalk or street any snow or ice that has been cleared from the roof.
The Régie du bâtiment offers many tips on measures to take when snow builds up on roofs, balconies and even gas-powered appliances.

What to do with the snow?

Existing regulations prohibit anyone (citizens and contractors alike) from throwing, pushing, blowing or otherwise projecting snow from a private property onto the street or neighbouring properties. Snow from your property must be dumped on your own property!

Contractor … and citizen duties!

You must make sure that the snow removal contractor you hire to clear your driveway is in compliance with municipal regulations and has a valid permit duly issued by the Town of Kirkland for the current season.

These obligations are defined in Article 3 of By-law No. 2013-57 and require the contractor to:

  • Have an annual permit valid from October 15th of the current year to April 15th of the following year;
  • Display a valid sticker for the current winter season in each of the vehicles used for private snow removal in the municipality;
  • Mark the limits of the areas to be plowed with stakes - those cannot be installed before November 1st and must be removed by April 15th of the following year at the latest.
Before signing an annual snow removal contract for your driveway, it would be wise to eliminate any private snow removal contractor that cannot provide a copy of their permit duly issued by the Town of Kirkland.

Parking on public roadways

By-law No. 2013-55 on Traffic and Parking sets out the rules applicable to parking during the winter season and at other times. According to Chapter III of By-law No. 2013-55, parking on public roads is prohibited between 1:00 am and 7:00 am from November 1 to April 30 or for a period of more than four consecutive hours on the same block at other times.

Snow pile-up on corner lots

In accordance with Article 6 of By-law No. 2013-57, the owner, occupant or other person responsible for a property or lot located at an intersection, must ensure that snow piled up on their property does not obstruct in any way drivers' visibility at that intersection. Any person violating this provision will be required to remove such snow within the twenty four hours following receipt of a notice to this effect, failing which the Town will carry out the required work at the expense of the owner, occupant or person responsible for the property.
Building snow forts and sliding by the roadside: please avoid!

Building forts, tunnels and snow castles by the side of the road, or sliding near the roadway, constitutes a real danger for your kids. Motorists and operators of heavy snow removal equipment have limited visibility in winter. As such, they are less likely to see your little ones in time to bring their vehicle to a full stop. Also keep in mind that snow-blowers and other snow clearing vehicles can easily bury children hidden inside their snow fort, without even realizing it!

Instead, encourage your youngsters to play and build their snow structures beside or behind the house, where their safety isn't at risk.

Any questions?


The Urban Planning Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the private snow removal by-law and can help you better understand its requirements or can redirect you to the proper department.
The department can be reached during regular business hours at Town Hall or by calling 514 694-4100 x 3104. An information request can also be sent online through the Requests On Line system which can be accessed at any time through the Town's website.
For more information
Town's snow removal operations:
Public Works Department
514 630-2727
Snow removal of a private driveway:
Urban Planning Department
514 694-4100 x 3104

Public Security
514 630-1234