Ecological Events

Community garage sale

Donate instead of throwing away!

On April 29 & 30 as well as on September 9 & 10, 2017, join the Community Garage Sale by holding your own at home! No permits required. Signs and posters advertising your garage sale must however be taken down by Sunday evening.

Full Weekend
(Sept. 9-10)
Sept. 9
Sept. 10
250 Acres X
282 André-Brunet X
141 Beacon X
5 Benoit X
56 Bethune X
21 Bourgogne X
126 Bruce X
57 Cadillac X
9 Chablis X
104 Charlevoix X
25 Charlevoix X
19 Chaudière X
30 Chaudière X
37 Cherry-Lane X
42 Courval  X
53 Denault X
4 Dragon X
18219 Elkas X
16 Gervais X
87 Granada X
15 Hans Selye X
2 Harding X
10 Harmony X
42 Hazelnut X
55 Héritage X
104 Houde X
147 Jacques-Chan X
45 Kirkland  X
272 Kirkland  X
21 Labrador X
16 Lausanne X
14 Lausanne X
29 Levere X
8 Linden X
86 MacDonald X
85 MacDonald  X
8 Madeira X
12 Madeira X
55 Marcel-Meloche X
74 Marcel-Meloche X
104 Méridian X
17 Mérineau X
9 Michel X
40 Pearson Place X
43 Réginald-Brown X
106 Rougemont X
3051 Ruisseau X
17222 Sainte-Marie X
5 Shediac X
16 Silverpine X
147 Terry-Fox X
40 Théorêt X
60 Timberlea Trail X
24 Timberlea Trail X
22 Timberlea-Trail X
33 Van Every  X
9 Vincent-Blouin X
38 Viney  X
NEW!  Free registration until 4 pm on September 8, 2017 : 514 694-4100 ext.3158  or by email at  (please give your name, address and phone number). The list of participating addresses will be posted on the Town’s website the day before the event!

Give your items a new life!

That is where the concept of reuse takes on its real meaning! Following your garage sale, think of donating unsold items to organizations that will see to their recycling as opposed to discarding them in the trash or via the bulk item collection. Some organizations even offer at-home pick-up service!
Vente_de_garage_communautaire.jpg Vente_de_garage_communautaire2.jpg

Also, if you want to get rid of your furniture or other bulky items, the Town can pick them up free of charge during its weekly bulk garbage pick-up rounds. Check applicable schedule. When your bulk garbage is collected, it does not all go to landfill: many items will be recycled, recovered and even reused.

Giving your things a new life
has never been easier!

Directory of Reuse Centres (near Kirkland)

514 426-4765
42B St-Charles Blvd, Beaconsfield

Thrift Shops for NOVA
514 697-6692
2750 St-Charles Blvd, Kirkland

Fonds de Dépannage du Nord Ouest
514 683-0456
9 du Centre-Commercial, Roxboro
*Free pick-up