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Applicable Regulations

Montreal's Division du contrôle des rejets industriels is the department responsible for monitoring industrial discharges on the island of Montreal.  Its mandate is to ensure that air emissions and wastewater emanating from industrial and commercial sources are not prejudicial to public health, immovables, infrastructure, or to the environment in general.
This department is also responsible for enforcing water and air quality regulatory compliance on the territory of the Montreal Agglomeration.

Anyone who is inconvenienced by air pollutants such as odour emissions, smoke, fumes or dust, or who witnesses illicit dumping or other nuisances caused by the discharge of wastewater in the environment, is urged to officially register a complaint with Montreal authorities.

Making a Complaint

If you witness an infraction or a reprehensible act or practice that violates the by-laws on water and air quality in effect on the Montreal territory, please notify Montreal's Division du contrôle des rejets industriels who will investigate and advise you of their findings.


514 280-4230

Complete the appropriate form according to whether the problem is related to water or air quality :
  • AIR Quality - this form (available in French only) is used to report odour, smoke or particle emissions (type, intensity, sporadic or continuous frequency, and other inconveniences where applicable
  • WATER Quality - this form (available in French only) is used to report odours emanating from sewers, abnormal colour or dead fish observed in waterways as well as illegal dumpling in sewers and bodies of water

By Phone

  • 514 280-4330    Monday to Friday    8:30 am to  4:30 pm
  • 514 891-9765    Monday to Friday    4:30 pm to 10:30 pm
  • 514 891-9765    Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays  8:30 am to 10:30 pm

By Mail

Ville de Montréal
Direction de l'environnement
Division du contrôle des rejets industriels
827, boulevard Crémazie Est, bureau 302
Montréal (Québec) H2M 2T8
Updated December 20, 2013

To report an environmental emergency requiring an immediate intervention, call 911

To learn more about what constitutes an environmental emergency, visit the Environmental Emergency page in the Public Security section under the tab Services to citizens, or click here