Trailers / recreational vehicles

Trailers / recreational vehicles

Storing trailers or recreational vehicles

No permit is required however regulatory requirements must be met

Storage or parking of recreational vehicles or equipment, such as trailers, tent-trailers, motor homes, motorbikes, snowmobiles or boats under 7.0 m (23.0') long is permitted in residential areas, under the following conditions:

  • It is not a commercial vehicle;
  • The vehicle or recreational equipment is for the exclusive use of the dwelling occupants;
  • It is hidden from view from the public street;
  • It is stored in the rear or lateral set-backs;
  • No other vehicle in the same category is stored on the property;
  • No one lives in it.

Applicable Provisions

Paragraphs b) and c) of Article 10.7 of Zoning By-law No. 90-58 set out the provisions applicable hereto.

Always better to check in advance

The Urban Planning Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the planning By-law and can help you better understand its requirements. The Department can be reached during regular business hours in person at the Town Hall's Urban Planning desk or by calling 514 694-4100 x3137. An information request can also be sent online through the Requests on Line system which can be accessed at any time through the Town's website.