Family Winter Challenge

Family Winter Challenge

From March 1 to 31

Looking for fun activities you can enjoy safely during the COVID-19 pandemic? The Town of Kirkland invites you to take part in its new Family Outdoor Challenge.

Want to join the fun? Then get the family together, bundle up, go outside and take on the challenge! The activity is split into two parts:

PART 1: Scavenger Hunt

You will first need to complete a Scavenger hunt. To do so, print or note down the Hunt List and tick the boxes for every object you find. The goal is to find them all!

Once completed, remember to take a picture of your findings.

PART 2 : Family Selfie

The second part of the challenge consists in taking 2 family selfies in front of a Kirkland park sign.  

  1. Choose two actions from amongst the list below
  2. Gather all participating members of your family in front of the park sign of your choice
  3. Take your selfie while everyone is:
  • jumping in the air
  • pointing at something 
  • looking surprised
  • pretending to be a statue
  • forming a human pyramid

Be creative and don’t forget to say CHEESE!

Send us your 3 pictures (parts 1 and 2 of the challenge) by email at

The deadline to participate is March 31, 2021.

Good luck to all and have fun!

Challenge Rules:

  • All Kirkland residents can participate in the Family Winter Challenge.
  • The winners will be chosen by random draw at the end of the Challenge.
  • Anyone who participates in the challenge consents to having their pictures used by the Town of Kirkland on its website, its social media pages and all of its publications. The Town of Kirkland cannot be held liable for the use of said pictures and anyone who participates or attempts to participate in the Challenge waives all claims with respect thereto.
    Furthermore, anyone who participates or attempts to participate in the Challenge releases the Town of Kirkland from any liability arising from any damages suffered by participating or attempting to participate in the Challenge and waives all claims with respect thereto.

For more information or for any questions regarding the Family WinterChallenge, please contact the Recreation Department at 514-630-2719, ext. 0, or by email at