Municipal Election - November 7, 2021

Election staff

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Office of the Returning Officer

The Returning Officer has established a main office at the Kirkland Town Hall. That office is comprised of an election clerk, an election treasurer and the administrative staff responsible for preparing for the election.

The Returning Officer

Pursuant to the Act respecting Elections and Referendums in Municipalities, the Clerk of the Town of Kirkland is, by virtue of his office, the Returning Officer for the November 7, 2021 poll.

The Returning Officer must ensure that the election is properly conducted and, for that purpose, must see to the training of all members of the election staff and oversee and direct their work.

The Election Treasurer

The Election Treasurer oversees, among other things, the application of the rules on the financing of political parties and independent candidates for the municipal election as well as the control of electoral expenses.

Important dates

Sunday October 31, 2021:    Advance polling
Sunday, November 7, 2021:    Election day
Other important dates will be added in the near future.

Additional information :

For further information about the election, contact the Office of the Returning Officer at 514 694-4100, ext. 3114.

Election staff and positions to be filled

The Returning Officer is responsible for recruiting and appointing the election staff required for the polling days. If you are interested in working for the municipal election, please complete and return the Job Application Form.

Here is a description of different positions we will need for the November 7, 2021 general election:

Reception Officer:

  • to greet electors;
  • to consult the poll key to determine electors’ polling station.

Member of the Identity Verification Panel:

  • to verify that the elector’s information appears on the list;
  • to verify the identity of the elector who does not have one of the documents prescribed by law;
  • to administer oaths to electors.

Officer in Charge of Information and Order:

  • to provide electors with information regarding satisfactory proof of identity and address;
  • to direct electors to the appropriate polling station;
  • to assure order.

Deputy returning officer:

  • to facilitate the exercise of the right to vote and ensure the secrecy of the vote;
  • to swear in electors, as required;
  • to inform the person in charge of the polling station of any major problem occurring in the conduct of the vote;
  • to proceed with the counting of the votes;
  • to transmit the results of the vote;
  • to reemit the ballot box to the person in charge of the polling station.

Poll clerk:

  • to tick off on the electoral list the names of electors who voted ;
  • to complete the poll book and various election forms;
  • to assist the deputy returning officer in counting the votes.

Additional information

For further information about the election, contact the Office of the Returning Officer at 514 694-4100, ext. 3114.