Environmental Programs

Ask for your city tree

Did you know... that every Kirkland household is entitled to its very own public tree (planted on private property in the town’s right-of-way) and even two in the case of a corner lot or property comprising two separate lots?

Did you know... that you can make the request via the Town’s website using the Requests on Line system, or by calling 514 630-2727 during regular business hours?  

Did you know... that the Town supplies the tree and required manpower to plant it and subsequently, sees to its pruning when required?

Did you know... that once the tree is planted, all that is required is for you to give it a bit of water and TLC, watch it grow and congratulate yourself for having contributed to achieve Kirkland’s collective goal which is to increase the Town’s *tree canopy?

Now that you know, don’t forget to tell your neighbours!

INFO: 514 630-2727


*aerial view of the tree coverage on the ground