Permits and certificates


Cutting a tree on your property... 

There should be a valid and justifiable reason!

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For the sake of tree conservation, it is prohibited to cut a mature healthy tree anywhere on the Kirkland territory without a valid reason. An authorization must be obtained from the Town's Urban Planning Department by applying for a tree cutting certificate for a $15 fee, where applicable.


Learn about the applicable regulations

The provisions relevant to tree conservation and pruning can be found in Article 5.6 of Zoning By-law No. 90-58.

Justifying the request

A certificate of authorization is required to cut down any tree having a diameter of 10 cm (4") or more measured at 15 cm (6") from the ground level. No particular authorization is required for felling trees of smaller diameters.

It is prohibited to cut down a mature tree throughout the Town's territory, except in the following cases:

  • sick or dead tree;
  • damage to property;
  • Danger of falling branches or other potential danger:
  • Land clearing for a new construction or extension to existing structure.
We would also ask the applicant to place a string around the trunk of the tree that is the subject of the application so that we may identify it with certainty when on-site.

Requesting a certificate of authorization

imagesCAV3KCEC.jpgAn application form for a tree cutting certificate of authorization can be obtained at the Town Hall or by clicking here to print out a copy.

It is important to fill in every section on the form to avoid delays in the processing of your application.  Once completed and signed, the application form must be submitted to the Urban Planning department  in person, by email or by mail (17200 Hymus Boulevard, H9J 3Y8).

The application form will be processed within twenty (20) working days of receipt and, where applicable, the certificate of authorization will be issued and remitted to the applicant upon payment of the required $15 fee.

Replacement of felled trees

Any tree that was cut down in the front yard of a private property must be replaced with another tree of an approved species having a minimum height of 1.5 metre, within 90 days of felling.  Some tree species including poplars, willow trees, catalpas and silver maples have a more aggressive root growth and are prohibited, except in parks and public rights-of-way.  The Town offers replacement trees for a minimal fee, depending on availability.

Particular provisions applicable to ash trees

Within the context of the fight against the spread of the emeralds ash borer, certain provisions enacted by By-Law No. 2015-51 apply in particular to the felling of ash trees and management of ash wood.  Accordingly, it is forbidden to plant, grow and cultivate ash trees everywhere in Kirkland, as well as to fell any type of ash tree between March 15 and October 1, save under certain conditions specified in the By-Law.

Similarly, it is forbidden to dispose of ash wood other than in accordance with the By-Law.


When planting a new tree on your property, it is advisable not to encroach on the right-of-way where there are usually underground sewer and water main pipes passing through. In case of a break in these sections of the pipes, the tree that is in the right-of-way will probably have to be removed for repairs to be carried out. For your information, the main water valve in front of your property is located, in most cases, at the right-of-way line. We can therefore use it as a reference to determine the approximate distance of this line.

Urban forest preservation

Protective measures must be applied to all trees in the municipality's territory, no matter the size. Any tree with a diameter of more than 10 cm (4") that is likely to be damaged during construction work, whether it is located on public property or not, must be protected with a plank sheathing attached to the trunk with metal wire.

It is also prohibited to trim, prune or cut down any tree or shrub belonging to the Town, this task being reserved solely for municipal employees and utility tree-pruning professionals, for maintaining electrical or phone lines, where applicable. The same applies to flowers and plants belonging to the Town which cannot be cut or pulled out.

imagesCAF48VL4.jpgSafety above all

When a tree interferes with a street light, obstructs the visibility of a road sign or endangers public safety, it is the responsibility of the owner or occupant of the property where the tree is located to remedy the situation. The Town may hand the owner or occupant a notice to prune, trim the branches or remove the tree completely - with which the receiver will have to comply within 10 days of receipt of said notice.




The Urban Planning Department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the planning By-laws and regulations and can help you better understand their requirements.

The Department can be reached during regular business hours in person at the Town Hall or by calling 514 694-4100 #3137. An information request can also be sent online through the Requests On Line system which can be accessed at any time through the Town's website.

For questions about tree care and preservation, please contact the Green Line at 514 630-2748 or send your request online via the Requests On Line system.