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In Kirkland: We do not touch pesticides!

In Kirkland, By-law No. 2015-52 concerning the use of pesticides is currently in effect. This By-law is aimed at reducing the local use of certain pesticides by prohibiting their application outdoors.

Authorized Products

The use of biopesticides and “low impact” pesticides, considered less harmful to the environment, is authorized by the By-law on pesticide use. The products authorized by the Town are:

-       Biopesticides recognized by the PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Canada) and the active ingredients of Annex II of the Pesticides Management Code, except for acetamiprid: 

-       Mineral oils as well as azadirachtin.

Only these pesticides can be used in Kirkland, except in cases where they could be dangerous for the health and safety of the citizens.

When used properly, these products are less harmful to the environment and human health. You should nevertheless consider all other control methods before treating with pesticides.

Major Infestation

In the case of major infestation, a temporary permit is required. Please call Public Works at 514 630-2727 and an employee will come onsite to evaluate the situation and issue a permit valid for 10 days from the issue date. Major infestations include the presence of insects, mold or other harmful agents, except for weed, that have spread over 50% of a property or more than 5 m2 of a garden's surface. Infestations must be a human safety or health hazard, or pose a threat to the survival of trees and shrubs or animal life.

Contractor – Pesticides and Fertilizers
In order to perform work in Kirkland, contractors using pesticides and fertilizers must hold an annual permit. The Town would therefore like to remind residents and corporate citizens who will hire landscapers to make sure the contractors hold a valid permit for the current year, duly delivered by the Town of Kirkland. 

For more information on the Kirkland Pesticide By-law:
Alexandre Gervais
Section Head, Environment
514 694-4100 ext. 3414

Lawn Care

For advice on ecological lawn care, please contact our eco-counsellor by phoning the Green Line or visit the Ecological Lawn Care page. You can save time and money… while protecting your health and that of your children as well as your environment!