Tree planting incentive programs

Kirkland residents can help increase their city's urban canopy by planting a tree on their property.

The Town of Kirkland offers various tree planting programs at very little, or no cost! Plus, in many cases, the Town will come and plant it for you !

Simply choose the best program suited to your needs and submit your request to the Public Works Department, Urban Forestry Division.

A Tree for my Neighbourhood

Updated: August 6, 2021

Once again this year, the Town of Kirkland is pleased to announce its participation in A Tree for my Neighbourhood campaign which aims to offer Kirkland residents trees that are delivered AND planted on their property at a very low cost! Under the initiative of Regroupement des éco-quartiers and Soverdi, and in partnership with GRAME as well as with the support of the Town of Kirkland, this project is designed to promote biodiversity and to increase the urban tree canopy.

The autumn sale will take place from August 25 to September 27, 2021, or until supplies last, and on a first come, first served basis. The owners of a Kirkland residential property can buy one tree at the following prices: $25 for regular trees, $35 for fruit trees, $45 for conifers, and $55 for exceptional trees. A great number of species are offered and each tree is 1.5 to 2 metres in height. Tree descriptions are offered online.

To buy a tree:

  1. Visit the website;
  2. Choose your tree amongst the proposed species - maximum of one tree per civic address;
  3. Buy directly on line or by telephone by calling 514 507-5401. ext. 104 or 438 505-8378. Payment must be made by credit card.

All trees will be delivered AND planted in mid-October. It must be noted that your tree cannot be planted in the municipal right-of-way and is guaranteed for a period of one year from the day it is planted (this guarantee is managed by Regroupement des éco-quartiers).

By planting a tree, you can enjoy the many benefits that trees provide such as purifying the air, cooling down the atmosphere, reducing noise pollution, embellishing a neighbourhood and increasing the value of a property.

There are lots of great reasons to plant a tree!

This program cannot be used to replace felled trees as tree sizes do not meet the minimum size required and set by the Town in Zoning By-Law Number 90-58.

For more information, please contact:

Matthieu Tzaud
Section Head – Urban Forestry
Public Works Department
514-694-4100, ext. 3402

An initiative of:


Ask for your city tree

Did you know...
that every Kirkland household is entitled to its very own public tree (planted on private property in the town’s right-of-way) and even two in the case of a corner lot or property comprising two separate lots?

Did you know... that you can make the request via the Town’s website using the Requests online system, or by calling 514 630-2727 during regular business hours? 

Did you know... that the Town supplies the tree and required manpower to plant it and subsequently, sees to its pruning when required?

Did you know... that once the tree is planted, all that is required is for you to give it a bit of water and TLC, watch it grow and congratulate yourself for having contributed to achieve Kirkland’s collective goal which is to increase the Town’s *tree canopy?

Now that you know, don’t forget to tell your neighbours!

INFO: 514 630-2727


*aerial view of the tree coverage on the ground

One Birth, One Tree

As part of its new program « One Birth, One Tree », the Town of Kirkland is proud to give new Kirkland parents the opportunity to celebrate baby’s arrival by planting a tree to grow at his/her side, on their own property or, if they prefer, in a city park or green space.

Three steps to follow

  1. Meet the eligibility criteria
  2. Make an application
  3. Plant a tree and watch it grow alongside baby!

Program Terms and Conditions

Eligibility criteria

The following requirements must be met to qualify for the program:

  • Reside in Kirkland at the time of the birth or adoption; 
  • Apply for the program within twelve (12) months of the date of birth or adoption.  

Application Form

The application form required for submitting a request may be obtained from the program coordinator, Mr. Alexandre Gervais, Section head – Environment (514 694-4100, ext. 3414, ), or by clicking here.

Information required 

The applying parents indicate on the form:

  • Their *preferred variety of tree to plant (out of 5 proposed species);
  • Their *preferred location to plant the tree (on private property or on city property in which case the Town will select the type of tree to be planted);
  • Whether the planting is to be done by the parents or by the city.    

*In all cases, the final decision as to the type of tree and where it is to be planted rests with the Town. 

Submitting an application

The duly completed form must be remitted to the program coordinator within twelve (12) months following the date of birth or adoption. 

Supporting documents

All applications must be submitted with the following documents :  

  • Proof of the birth or adoption of the child;
  • Proof of identity and residence of the applying parents

Choosing your baby’s tree and the appropriate planting location

This program offers a choice of five tree species each having distinctive features outlined in individual fact sheets available with the program coordinator or on the Town’s website.

  1. MAIDENHAIR TREE  (fact sheet)
  2. AMUR MAACKIA  (fact sheet)
  3. RED JEWEL CRABAPPLE  (fact sheet)
  4. LEAVIS SERVICEBERRY  (fact sheet)
  5. COMMON HACKBERRY  (fact sheet)

The applying parents indicate their preferred choices on the application form, however, in all cases, it is up to the program coordinator to determine whether the chosen variety and/or *planting location are suitable for that specific area.  

*Where the applicant is not the owner of the land upon which the tree is to be planted, a proxy form duly signed by said owner must accompany the application.  

Ensemble, on verdit (tree replacement program for felled ash trees)

New tree replacement program for felled ash trees

The Town of Kirkland is proud to announce its participation in the Ensemble, on verdit residential greening campaign, an initiative of the GRAME. As part of this campaign, the Town of Kirkland will subsidize the purchase of one or more trees for its citizens to replace ash trees that had to be cut down on their property.

Citizens with this obligation will thus be able to get a tree at a subsidized cost of $155. This amount includes the delivery of the tree, its planting and the addition of other inputs that will help improve its growth (watering basin using mulch around the trunk, Mycorrhizae).

For more information about the trees offered, visit:

The trees offered in this program comply with the Town’s regulation that apply to felled ash trees*.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make your choice, since tree quantities are limited.


For more information:
Matthieu Tzaud
Section Head – Urban Forestry
514 694-4100, ext. 3402


* Replacement trees offered in this campaign meet the minimal size required in the Town’s by-law GEN-2021-52 (35 mm in diameter measured at 1.3 metre from ground level). Trees sold in Kirkland through Ensemble on verdit must replace felled ash trees. If you did not receive a tree cutting certificate of authorization for an ash, you are not eligible.

Please note: The maximum number of subsidized tree.s allowed per resident through the Ensemble on verdit campaign is set by the number of tree.s to be replaced specified in the ash tree cutting certificate.