Permits and certificates


Demolition of an existing building

When the construction planned requires the demolition of an existing building, a demolition authorization must first be obtained in the form of a certificate issued in accordance with By-law No. 2007-54 on the demolition of buildings. This by-law is applicable to the demolition of all residential, commercial and industrial buildings throughout the Kirkland territory.

Applying for demolition

The demolition authorization request must be forwarded to the Urban Planning Department along with the documents required in Article 7 of this by-law as well as payment of the fees provided in Article 32.

Processing Period

A demolition certificate of authorization typically takes 8 to 10 weeks to process, as it must first be authorized by the Demolition Committee following publication of the required notices. Upon reception of the Committee's authorization, the Urban Planning Department will then issue the demolition certificate of authorization and forward it to the applicant.


The Urban Planning Department can be reached during regular business hours in person at the Town Hall's Urban Planning desk or by calling 514 694‑4100. An information request can also be sent online through the Requests on Line system which can be accessed at any time through the Town's website.