Notice to dog owners:

*Dog licenses issued by the Town of Kirkland for the period of 2018-2020 expire September 15, 2020

GESTIPATTES - New web platform to register your dog

August 12, 2020 - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Kirkland has implemented a new web platform allowing dog owners to register their pet with the city without having to leave home.

Please note that the dog license is now valid for the life span of the animal and registration fees are $50 per license (By-Law No. GEN-2020-54).

According to this new regulation, dog owners are also required to provide specific documents regarding their pet at the time of registration, namely:

-          A proof of vaccination for rabies (where applicable)

-          A proof of sterilization (where applicable)

-          A proof of microchipping (where applicable)

-          A photo of your dog (if you wish!)

-          A proof of Kirkland residence (if you are a tenant)

You can first register your dog and return to the platform later on to add the documents listed above.

You can purchase your new dog license by clicking here!

New identification tag

The new identification tag is of a golden colour. As soon as you receive it, we recommend that you throw away your blue tag as the municipal patrol officers will not be able to access the old identification database as of September 30, 2020. 

Should you require more information, please contact us at 514 694-4100 ext. 3119 during regular business hours or send us an email at

Your dog, that good canine citizen...

Pet at home, canine citizen in the community!


The moment your dog sets foot outside your front door, his canine citizen persona takes over and as such, just like his human owner, he is expected to abide by his municipality's rules and regulations.
Know the rules

By-Law No. GEN-2020-54 relating to animals, in accordance with the provincial Regulation respecting the application of the Act to promote the protection of persons by establishing a framework with regard to dogs, sets out the rules that apply to Kirkland dogs and their owners, as well as new rules applicable to potentially dangerous dogs.

As good canine citizens, Kirkland dogs are required to wear, at all times around their neck, their Kirkland identification tag and to observe the imposed neighborly rules which include, among others, not barking disruptively. For their part, dog owners are required to register their animal with the city, keep it on a leash when outside their property and pick up its excrements.
Mandatory registration
All dog owners must register their animal with the city and pay the registration fee of $50.  In Kirkland, the registration of a dog is valid for the life span of the animal - the dog owner is however required to advise the Town of any change in the information provided within fifteen (15) days of this change. In the event of the loss or destruction of the identification tag, a replacement tag may be obtained at a cost of five dollars ($5) at the Town Hall during regular business hours.
Cleanliness above all

Dog excrements can transmit diseases which can be particularly dangerous to children, not to mention their foul smell. Since the rain won't disperse them, it is important to pick them up as soon as possible. In accordance with the applicable by-law, it is up to the dog's owner to pick up his pet's excrements and dispose of them responsibly, i.e. in his own garbage at home. It should be noted that the By-law prohibits their disposal in storm sewers. Failure to comply with these provisions may lead to fines.
The leash, a required accessory

As a general rule, dog owners know their pet well and have a good idea of how they will react in public. It is different however for passers-by who come across the animal while on their daily walk. There are many people who are afraid of dogs, however docile and submissive their master might think they are. In consideration of others and as per municipal regulation, your dog must be kept on a leash at all times, when outside your property. In addition, the length of the leash may not exceed 1,5 meter including the handle and a dog weighing 20 kilograms or more must also wear, at all times, a halter or a harness attached to its leash.
Your canine citizen has his own exercise area
To allow canine citizens to get rid of some of their pent up energy, the Bénévoles Park has a fenced-in exercise area where they can run freely and socialize with other dogs. Note that the dog's owner or guardian must be with their animal inside the dog park and never leave without him.

* Please note:  The dog park, which also serves as a water retention basin, may periodically be closed due to poor weather conditions and/or safety reasons.

The rules and regulations that must be followed inside the dog park are set out in By-law GEN-5 and are posted at both entrances to the exercise area. The dog park is located in the south-west section of the Bénévoles Park, bordering the service road north of Highway 40. You can get there from Jean-Yves Street or from the park's parking lot. Opening hours are 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, 7 days a week.


Montreal’s by-law does not apply in Kirkland

Please note that the Montreal by-law imposing specific restrictions to Pit bull-type dogs does not apply on the territory of the Town of Kirkland. As for any other animal on the Kirkland territory, this type of dog is governed by the provisions of By-Law No. GEN-2020-54 relating to animals.

Lost, found or stray dogs

To notify us of a lost, found or stray dog or to file a complaint about a dog, cat or other animal, or even to notify us about a dead or injured animal within the city, please contact the Municipal Patrol at 514 630-1234.
Note that you can also notify us online using the Requests Online system.