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Since January 1, 2020,
all of our municipal public notices, with the exception of those for public call for tenders, are published solely on this page of the Town's website and posted on the bulletin boards located at the entrance of the Town Hall, the Library and the Sports Complex. However, the Town reserves the right to make use of any other mode of publication that it may deem relevant or necessary.

Public notices are posted in said locations for a minimum period of seven (7) days and remain accessible to the public on the Town’s website while notices for public call for tenders  continue to be published in a newspaper distributed in the territory of the Town or in a specialized publication.

This new mode of publication stems from the By-Law GEN-2019-55 Governing the Terms of Publication of Public Notices adopted by the Kirkland Town Council on December 2, 2019, pursuant to section 345.1 of the Cities and Towns Act, which allows a municipality to determine the terms governing the publication of its public notices.


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