Get an Accès Montréal card

Get an Accès Montréal card

Want to enjoy the many arts/culture and sports attractions Montréal has to offer while enjoying exclusive advantages? The Accès Montréal card lets you and your family do just that.

Objective of the program

The Accès Montréal card gets you discounts on numerous arts, sports and recreational activities. You and your family can enjoy special rates and activities offered by our partners.

Terms and conditions

  • The Accès Montréal card  is offered to residents of the island of Montréal and any person who owns residential, commercial or industrial property in Montréal.  
  • To fully take advantage of everything this card offers, each member of the family must have the card. 
  • Admission to most arts, recreation and sports facilities is free for children under four, who are not required to have a card. 
  • The card is valid for one year. It must be renewed every year.

Obtain an Accès Montréal card

You can get an Accès Montréal card for all people living at the same address as you. You will then have to show a photo and proof of identity and residence for each person. Also, you must provide your own ID photo (passeport photo) for your new card.

Closest Point of service

Accès Montréal Office – Pierrefonds-Roxboro