Message Display Request

Message Display Request

The Town has two electronic billboards located on Saint-Charles Boulevard, north and south of A-40, and permits the display of public interest messages for Kirkland residents by sports, cultural, community and non-profit organizations.

The message is created by the Communications Department according to the information received by the organization. The Town reserves itself the right to modify, refuse or postpone a message, or discontinue its display. Moreover, The Town determines the priority order of the messages to be displayed, and municipal messages always have precedence over any other message.

A message is usually displayed for ten (10) consecutive days before the event or according to display availability.

If an event is cancelled before or during the display period, please advise the Communications Department as soon as possible by calling 514 694-4100 or by sending an email at [email protected].

The Town is not responsible for any erroneous message made with information provided by the organization requesting the message display.

 To submit a request for the electronic billboards, please fill out the form below.