Permits and certificates

Temporary parking

In Kirkland, on-street parking is prohibited between 1:00 and 7:00 am from November 1st to April 30 as well as in the following situations:

  • when it snows heavily
  • within hours of a major snow fall
  • during snow clearing operations

Temporary on-street parking permits

The municipal Patrol may issue temporary on-street parking permits in the following specific circumstances:

  • when construction work prevents parking in the driveway
  • when the driveway cannot accommodate all visitors
Temporary on-street parking permits are valid for a maximum of three (3) consecutive days.  They are issued free of charge and are valid at all times, except during snow storms or snow clearing operations.

Required information when requesting a permit:
  • Name and address of the property owner
  • Make, colour, model and license plate number of the vehicle
  • Desired dates

Three ways to submit a request

In person
at the Municipal Garage, 25 Claude-Jodoin Street

during business hours
By telephone
514 630-1234
24/7 service

Online via the Requests on Line system

Minimum delay of 48 hours for processing requests submitted online

*Please allow for a minimum delay of 48 hours for processing requests submitted online.  Should you require an immediate parking permit, please call the Municipal Patrol directly at 514 630-1234.  You will immediately be informed whether your request is receivable or not.