Legal Affairs

Access to information

The Town of Kirkland has a significant number of documents available. As a public entity subject to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (L.R.Q., c. A-2.1), the Town is required to fulfill its obligations to manage all documents and information in its possession.
As a general rule, documents held by the Town are considered public and can be accessed by anyone. Documents can be consulted on the spot at Town Hall during business hours. You must however expect some delay for the document to be located. For that reason, we suggest you schedule an appointment (514-694-4100, ext. 3116)  before going to consult a document. A copy of a document can also be requested, subject to payment of applicable fees. It is also possible to request that a document be sent by mail or even by email, by filling out the online form below.
It is important to note that the right of access is not absolute and a request may be denied for different reasons. One of these reasons stems from the second division of the above mentioned Act, which is the need to protect personal information. It is therefore necessary to get a person's or property owner's prior consent before the Town can agree to give you access to their files. Should a written request for information be denied, the applicant can chose to contact the Commission d'accès à l'information to ask for a revision of the Town's decision.


The  form below is made available  to anyone  wishing  to  have  access  to documents or  personal information held by public bodies. However, the use of this form remains optional. The information given under section "Identification of the requestor" will be kept confidential and will be given exclusively to employees authorized to handle your request.

If  you  need  help  in  identifying  the  document  you are  looking  for or if you need information concerning the Act respecting  Access  to documents  held  by  public  bodies and  the Protection of personal information,  contact  the person  in  charge  of  access to  information at  the  public body where the document is requested. A request must be sufficiently detailed to allow the person in charge to reply.  Thus, you may, for  instance, mention the  title  of  the requested document,  the  name  of  the author or the subject. Upon  receipt  of  this  form or any other written request, the person in charge will acknowledge receipt of your request. The person in charge has 20 days to reply.

Access  to  document  request is free.  However, a  public  body  may  charge  a  fee  not  exceeding  the cost  of  photo copying or  transmitting the document.  The  person  in  charge  will inform  you before proceeding.

All requests for access to documents sent by email must be addressed to the Town Clerk and Legal Affairs Department at

INFO: 514 694-4100