Maintenance of parks and
green spaces

Maintenance of parks and green spaces

The Town of Kirkland is very proud of its numerous parks and green spaces and puts all the necessary efforts to maintaining them. In Kirkland, it is the Public Work Department’s responsibility for these maintenance operations, especially:
  • Inspection and maintenance of playgrounds in order to ensure citizen safety;
  • Collection and disposal of park trash;
  • Lawn and paths maintenance;
  • Tree pruning;
  • Maintenance of urban furniture (benches, tables, etc.);
  • Planting and maintenance of plants and flowers.

List of parks

The Town of Kirkland provides its citizens with close to thirty parks that have fun and safe playgrounds for families to enjoy. Some parks also have fields that can be used for different sports activities in summer and in winter.

  • For a list of parks, their locations as well as the activities they are used for, please visit the Parks and green spaces section.

Fleurons du Québec

The Town of Kirkland is proud to have been awarded four “Fleurons” by Fleurons du Québec since 2010, in recognition for the beauty and cleanliness of its landscaping. This horticultural classification is aimed at improving municipal, residential, institutional and commercial landscapes throughout Quebec municipalities.

Residents, businesses and institutions are invited to participate in this movement by showcasing the landscaping in front of their residences and buildings.