Cultural Policy 2023-2033

Cultural Policy 2023-2033



In a world increasingly driven by knowledge and communications, culture plays a major role in the development of communities.  It fosters social development, animates the community and provides a sense of belonging, identity and continuity to the city.

It is said that a community is only as strong as its people - and in this regard, Kirkland certainly ranks among the strongest.  It is from this concept that came the idea to provide the municipality with a cultural policy designed by its community.

In May 2022, all Kirklanders were invited to participate in “Let’s Talk CULTURE!” - an event that brought together various groups of engaged citizens to help define the place that culture should be taking in the development of the municipality.

The outcome of their discussions led to the development of the first cultural policy of the Kirkland community that we are presenting to you today, and of its accompanying action plan.

On behalf of the Kirkland Town Council, I wish to sincerely thank all those who contributed to this exercise.  It is now up to each and every one of us to give life to this policy so that our fair city may continue to flourish to the beat of its cultural diversity.