Rain barrels

Recycling rainwater is eco-responsible!

Would you like to reduce your household water consumption? Rainwater recovery is a simple, economical and ecological way to maximize water use.


First, come and purchase a rain barrel at a reduced cost of $45 at the Municipal Garage (25 Claude-Jodoin). Then, place it under a gutter (your gutters must preferably join into one downspout to collect as much water as possible).

Furthermore, the barrel can be adaptable to your needs: the tap allows you to fill your watering can and connect to most watering hoses. The overflow outlet can also be used to link other barrels for even more savings! The barrel also holds two screens to keep out debris and prevent insects, especially mosquitoes, from getting in.

Why recycle rain water?

  • for watering gardens and lawns
  • for washing car
  • for filling pools
  • for lowering your water bills
  • for reducing the high costs of drinking water treatment
  • for preserving this free natural resource instead of dumping it into the wastewater system.