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Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

Adopting habits that promote the judicious use of energy provides benefits to both your pocketbook and the environment, while making your home more comfortable. By being more energy efficient, you are doing your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are a contributing factor in climate change.

Why reduce energy consumption?

  • To preserve our natural resources.
  • To reduce our heating bills.
  • To reduce energy-causing pollution.
  • To help fight climate change

Did you know?*

  • Approximately 60 % of household energy costs go towards heating.
  • In Quebec, households use an average of 186 litres of hot water a day.
  • Poor insulation may also be responsible for a host of other problems such as cold floors and walls, condensation at the wall base and even traces of mold.
* Source: Ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec

Helpful advice

Our combined individual actions, as small as they might be, will have a profound effect on the environment and society at large. Here are some helpful advice to help you reduce your energy consumption:
  • Improve your home’s insulation from the foundation all the way to the roof.
  • Apply transparent film to your windows to make them more airtight.
  • Open your curtains in wintertime to let the sun in and do the opposite in the summer to maintain comfortable room temperature.
  • Opt for a controlled combustion wood stove or EPA certified units.
  • If you are replacing your appliances, look for the Energy Star label.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water.
  • Hang your laundry to dry.Install a low-flow shower head.
  • Change your regular lightbulbs to fluorescent ones.



For more information

For other practical advice on energy efficiency, you can visit the Ministère des Ressources naturelles du Québec.’s website