Director General

Director General

The Director General’s Office supports Town Council in administering the Town. The Director General’s Officeis responsible for implementing Council’s decisions and carrying out its political will.

As such, while facilitating and maintaining links between Town Council and the municipal managers, the Director General’s Office:

  • Plans, organizes, manages, controls and coordinates all services provided by the Town;
  • Provides information for decisions on various major strategic files, including budget planning;
  • Drafts various reports and recommendations and submits them to Town Council to ensure that measures are implemented with an eye to efficiency, cost-effectiveness and promoting the Town’s advancement and the well-being of its residents and local businesses;
  • Represents the Town’s interests to senior levels of government, as required.

To contact the office of the Director General

514 694-4100

Executive Secretary
Jade Rainville
[email protected]

Assistant Director General and Treasurer
Nadine Bassila
[email protected]

Director General
Joe Sanalitro
[email protected]