Municipal Departments

Finance and administrative services

Treasury and Finance

The mission of the Treasury and Finance Department is to assume and manage the taxation of the Town of Kirkland. The department is called on to provide expertise and support in the areas of accounting, finance, budget process, taxation, all in compliance with the laws, regulations and policies currently in effect.

The department is active in several areas:

  • Finance includes all functions associated with investment and related financing, banking, financial and budgetary control.
  • Accounting's objective is to provide services in the areas of accounts payable, billing, receivables, general accounting and payroll.
  • Taxation's activities include the preparation and issuing of all invoices to owners, perception and collections, as well as the review and follow up of the municipal valuation role prepared by Montreal's evaluation services.

The Finance Department is committed to excellence and working as a team which provides services and information to the public, the Town Council and fellow employees while maintaining high standards of excellence in the provision of these services.


The Purchasing department prepares and administers all facets of the call-for-tenders process with regard to Town contracts and acquisitions. Be it office supplies, major renovations, park maintenance or playground equipment, road salt or petroleum products for all Town vehicles, all purchases are made by the Purchasing department, which prepares the acquisition requests and purchase orders according to the specifications of each department concerned.

Our inventory and acquisition systems are computerised and incorporated into the town accounting system. At our general warehouse, located in the Public Works building, we keep in stock all materials and supplies necessary for the Town's various services. The Purchasing department is always searching for suppliers with a view to acquiring goods and services at the best prices and under the best conditions possible. If you would like your name to be included on our list of suppliers, please fill out the registration form.

Human Resources

Applications and resumes are accepted year round in order to maintain our bank of available candidates. The Town hires candidates to fill vacancies in the following employment categories:

  • Temporary white and blue collar assignments. (unionized postings)
  • Full time permanent white and blue collar assignments. (unionized postings)
  • Student assignments
  • Instructor assignments
  • Part-time assignments
  • Municipal Patrol student patroller assignments
  • Management (non-unionized) assignments

Information Technologies

The mission of the Information Technologies (Computer) section is to ensure the smooth functioning of all computer, office technology and networking related systems. The section provides leadership with respect to the application of technologies and co-ordinates planning activities. It also determines the best technological choices possible and identifies computerisation priorities. In addition, the section produces documents for administrative purposes.

To contact the Finance and Administrative services

514 694-4100

Finance and Taxation

Brigitte Guindon

Maria Besonart

Accounts Payable
Sophie Morand Di Nardo

Division Head
Marcelle Dion


Éliane Dassie

Section Head
Nina Apithy

Division Head
Olga Tabernero

Human Resources

Negar Tayarani

Payroll and Benefits
Lizbet Meza

Section Head 
Cynthia Mullin

Division Head
Martine Prud'homme ext.3129

Information Technology

IT Support
Johnny Giancaspro
ext. 3108

Office Automation 
John Basciano

Web and Computer Analyst
Marco Gucciardo

Division Head
Mark Terry

Director of Administrative Services

Assistant Director General and Treasurer 
Nadine Bassila