Municipal Council

Council Meetings


Save exception, the Town Council holds its regular monthly sittings at 8 pm the first Monday of every month.  Said meetings are open to the general public and are held in the Council Room at the Town Hall, 17200 Hymus Boulevard.

Regular sittings scheduled for 2022 :

  • Monday, January 17
  • Monday, February 7
  • Monday, March 7
  • Monday, April 4
  • Monday, May 2
  • Monday, June 13*
  • Monday, July 4
  • Monday, August 1
  • Tuesday, September 6
  • Monday, October 3
  • Monday, November 7
  • Monday, December 6
*The date for the June Council meeting has been changed to June 13.


Agendas for regular monthly sittings are posted on the website under Agendas and Minutes, by end of day the Friday prior to the scheduled date.  Once they have been ratified by Council, minutes are posted in the same section, the day after the following month's regular sitting. 
By-Law 2006-55K provides applicable rules of procedure for the conduct of the public sittings of Council.  Every such sitting carries a period during which Kirkland residents can address Council on any particular topic they may choose.  Rules applicable to the public question period are defined in Article 22 of the By-Law.


In between regular monthly sittings, the Mayor or members of the Town Council may call special sittings whenever deemed proper, following the procedure established by the Cities and Towns' Act (R.S.Q., c. C-19). 


Inquiries pertaining to the public sittings of the municipal Council may be obtained from the Town Clerk's Department during regular business hours, in person at the Town Hall, or by dialing 514 694-4100 x 3114. 
An information request can also be sent online via the Requests On Line system accessible from the homepage.