Compost and woodchips

Update: March 30, 2021

Would you like to enhance the look of your landscaping whilst cutting maintenance time? Don't hesitate to come for a good supply of free woodchips and compost at the Kirkland Municipal Garage (25 Claude-Jodoin).

Compost and Woodchip Stock* :

  • Available as of 3:15 p.m. on May 14, 21 and 28, 2021
  • Don’t forget to bring your shovel and container... and your common sense (leave some for your neighbours)
  • Trucks and trailers are prohibited
  • Info: Public Works at 514 630-2727

*Available while supplies last



Nothing is lost, nothing is created: everything is transformed!

Tree and shrub branches that are placed at the curbside for Branch pick-up are collected by our employees throughout the year and shredded into wood chips.

On the other hand, leaves collected during the fall Leaf pick-up are sent to a composting site where they are recovered as compost, a high-quality organic fertilizer.

In the Spring time, the town redistributes the compost and wood chips to its citizens for their personal use! An excellent example of how we recover our residual waste.