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Preventative boil-water advisory - February 22, 2024

A preventative boil-water advisory is currently in effect for civic numbers 29 to 33 Harmony Street. More details...

Contract Management

Contract Management

The Cities and Towns Act establishes the legal context for the adjudication of contracts by municipalities.  In general, the procedures vary for:

  • a call for public tenders, for all contracts that involve an expenditure equal to or above the threshold for public calls for tender;
  • a call for invitational tenders, for all contracts that involve an expenditure of $50,001 or more but less than the threshold for public calls for tender;
  • awarding a contract that involves an expenditure of $50,000 or less by mutual agreement.

Municipal contracts are awarded by resolution of the Town Council or by managers holding a delegation of power to that effect under By-Law No. 2013-52 which is the internal by-law of the municipal Council pertaining to the delegation of powers in matters relating to contracts and to human resources.

Public call for tenders launched by the Town of Kirkland are published on the Quebec Government public tendering system SEAO, accessible by clicking here:

By-Law and Procedure

  • By-Law No. GEN 2019-52 concerning contract management
  • Procedure for receiving and examining complaints filed with the Town about the tendering or awarding process for public contracts.

Annual reports on the application of the Contract Management By-Law



All questions relating to municipal contracts awarded by the Town of Kirkland may be addressed to:

Mrs. Daffny Bah-Audate, Section Head - Purchasing
514-694-4100 ext. 3403
[email protected]

Mrs. Nina Apithy, Division Head - Purchasing
[email protected]

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