Municipal Departments

Public Works

The Town of Kirkland and its Public Works Department provide residents with a large range of services from which they can benefit. Some of these services are free and others can be used for a nominal fee.

With a road network of more than 100 km and a population of over 21,000, the Town tries to offer its citizens the most convenient, complete and efficient services it can with the help of its competent, courteous and friendly staff.

Road, water main and sewer networks

  • Kirkland covers approximately 114 km of roads;
  • 40 km of sidewalks;
  • 114 km of water mains;
  • 114 km of sewers

To contact the
Public Works Department:

514 630-2727

To contact the
Public Works Personnel:

514 694-4100

Information to residents
Kate Oudin
x 3418

Administrative Unit Secretary 
Anne-Marie Leclaire
x 3421

Supervisor – Urban Forestry
Craig Richard

Section Head - Urban Forestry
Matthieu Tzaud

Foreman - Sewers and Aqueduct
Nicholas Giardino
x 3401

Supervisor - Parks and green spaces
Roberto Marin
x 3404

Supervisor - Mechanics
René Ménard
x 3425

Division Head - Public Works (Operations)

Louis-Philippe Landry
x 3415

Division Head - Public Works
Karine Lacharité
x 3429

Director - Public Works

Bruno Possa, Eng.
x 3412