PDQ 1 - Neighbourhood
police station


2883, boul. Saint-Charles
[near boul. Hymus]
Kirkland (QC)H9H 3B5

Telephone: 514 280-0101
Fax: 514 280-0601

Action Plan 2016

It is with great pleasure that we present to you the 2016 action plan for Station 01.  This action plan was developed in collaboration with the citizens and various partners of our sector. In this plan, you will find the main objectives that were established regarding the local priorities and the strategic orientations of the Montreal Police Service (SPVM) in order to ensure safety and security on our territory.

This action plan is unanimous within our unit thus permitting the full cooperation and mobilisation of our personnel.

Strategic Orientations of the SPVM

  1. Ensure the confidence and respect of the community
  2. Ensure the security of the community
  3. Ensure that the SPVM is a rapid, efficient and competent organisation

Local Priorities of the PDQ 01 :

“Think like a resident” : Know the population, its needs and its preoccupations regarding matters of public safety.
  • Insure the continued success of our citizen meetings like “Coffee with a Cop”.
  • Continue to transmit an information release called ”Communiqué PDQ01” to our partners, elected officials and citizens
  • Organize some meetings with our senior population regarding matters of fraud and senior abuse.

Meet the expectations of the citizens for police visibility in the 5 cities of station.
  • Ensure an appropriate police presence during major community events.
  • Increase police presence regarding crime prevention and road safety.

Help improve road safety results, by increase police visibility in accident-prone locations.    
  • Hold traffic operations, both preventative and repressive, with users of the roads.
  • Put up numerous road blocks throughout the territory of station 1, in order to counter Drunk Driving.
  • Sit on the Traffic Advisory Committees of the municipalities in our sector.

Public safety is a shared responsibility between all the players in our community. I would like to thank all the citizens and partners that participated in the elaboration of our 2016 Action Plan.

I am looking forward in collaborating with you for the promotion of safety issues of our community!

Sébastien de Montigny, Commander
Chief of Neighbourhood Station 01