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Road Safety in Residential Sectors

Road Safety in Residential Sectors

Slow down!

Become a public safety advocate by displaying a sign in front of your home!

2 easy ways to get a sign:

  • Online: by filling out the online form*
  • By phone: by calling 514 694-4100 ext.3158 during regular business hours

The sign (24 x 19 in) and its frame will be delivered to your home within a few days. We recommend that you install the sign on your front lawn ensuring that it is visible by motorists.

To avoid damages, we ask that all signs be stored for winter as of November 1st and  reinstalled the following spring.

For any questions regarding residential road safety, contact the Municipal Patrol at 514 630-1234.

Thank you for making our streets safer!

*By completing this form, I understand that the information contained herein will be accessible to any Town employee involved in processing the file. I consent freely and knowingly to have all the information I have provided to the Town retained in accordance with the required security standards and the Town's retention rules.