Kirkland in Bloom

Kirkland in Bloom 2.0 2.0
Update: October 15, 2020

The vote was close!
So now, let’s see who won…

To discover the winners of the 2.0 2.0 edition, go to

Simply click on the desired category… and the winning property  will be revealed!

Each participant in the 2.0 2.0 edition of the Kirkland in Bloom contest will receive a reusable gift bag comprising a certificate of participation, an 8’’ x 10’’ picture of their property as well as three little wildflower bombs to plant in their garden.

In addition, winners will receive a trophy specially designed for this year’s edition and a plaque with a laminate of their property.

Congratulations to the winners and THANK YOU all for participating in this first virtual edition of Kirkland in Bloom!

See you all next year!