Kirkland in Bloom

April 17, 2020 – Due to the current situation associated with COVID-19, we are presently unable to confirm whether this activity will be maintained, postponed to a later date or cancelled this year. Any decision in this regard will be communicated on this page as soon as it is known.

5th Edition

To celebrate the beauty of the Kirkland territory and highlight our collective effort to beautify our town, the Municipal Council invites homeowners and corporate citizens to enter Kirkland’s newest contest “Kirkland in Bloom”!

» Deadline to register: August 1st, 2020

» Registration form (to come)

Assessment of the property

During the month of August, a landscape professional hired by the Town will be assessing participating properties, limiting his appraisal to the portion of land visible from the street, including the building facade and side setbacks.

Global appreciation will be attributed on a 5-point scale in accordance with pre-established criteria, based on the aesthetic and environmental value of the landscapes.  Assessment is based on the proportion of available land irrespective of lot size, so that small and larger lots are placed on the same footing.

Registration Categories

  1. Residential
    Private home (single-family dwelling, semi-detached, row-house) or residential condominium unit with private lot

  2. Condominium complex and apartment building 
    Building housing several residential condominium units or apartments

  3. Commercial 
    Sole owner of a commercial unit who also owns the lot on which the building stands, or occupant of a commercial unit located in a shopping mall (in which case, the assessment will be limited to the landscaped area designed by the occupant on the shopping mall property)

  4. Shopping mall or industry
    Owner of a building housing several commercial units or an industry (the assessment will be limited to the portion of land visible from the street, including the building facade and side setbacks, entrances and parking areas)

  5. Institution 
    School, church, health centre, non-profit organization, and other public buildings :

Awards and Recognitions

At the Awards event held in October, members of the Kirkland Town Council will be unveiling the winning properties:

  • Category 1-Residential: one winner in each of the eight electoral districts
  • Categories 2, 3, 4 and 5: one winner in each of the four categories

This summer, bring colour to
your neighbourhood!

Info: 514 630-2727