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Online services

Access a variety of online services from the comfort of your home!

If you are planning to do renovations of any kind this spring or summer, be sure to check beforehand whether you need a construction permit or a certificate of authorization.

Permit requests can be submitted in person at the Town Hall during regular business hours or online, using the Request Online System. All required documents to be attached must be scanned as photos of the documents will not be accepted.

To apply for a permit, click here.

To be able to register online, you must have an AccèsCité Loisirs account. This account gives you access to the online registration website in order to register for the recreation and library programs.

Do not wait until registration time to create your account! Accounts are only activated on weekdays during the Recreation Department’s business hours.

To access AccèsCité Loisirs, click here.

The Town of Kirkland has implemented a web platform allowing dog owners to register their pet with the city from the comfort of their home. At the time of registration, dog owners are required to provide specific documents regarding their pet, namely:

  • A proof of vaccination for rabies (where applicable)
  • A proof of sterilization (where applicable)
  • A proof of microchipping (where applicable)
  • A photo of your dog (if you wish!)
  • A proof of Kirkland residence (if you are a tenant)

You can first register your dog and return to the platform later on to add the documents listed above.

Purchase your dog license by clicking here.

Tax bills can be paid online through your financial institution’s internet site (Canadian chartered banks). Just enter the 18 digits of the registration number shown on the payment stub, without the hyphens.

In order to avoid interest and penalty fees, please allow two business days before the due date for payment to reach the Town.

Other methods of payment

Kirkland property owners can now sign up for online property tax bills, a service that allows them to access their property tax bill online and choose a preferred means of transmission for subsequent tax bills.

Sign up today!

To access the platform, click here.

Water meter readings must be submitted each year, by October 31 at the latest.

To submit your reading, you will need the property address, the meter number (optional) and the recording of the reading according to the unit of measure of your meter (cubic meters or gallons).

To submit your water meter reading, click here.

Online payment can only be used to pay a parking or traffic tickets. Payment can be made with Visa or MasterCard. Prepaid cards are not accepted. For all other types of infractions (e.g. animals or sanitation), payment must be done by mail or in person.

To pay online, click here.

The Request Online System enables residents to access the most current information at the click of a mouse and submit their requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in particular to:

  • Waste pickups and garbage
  • The Quality of drinking water
  • Snow removal
  • Animals
  • Trees, parks and green spaces
  • Public security / road safety
  • Etc.

To access the Request Online System, click here.