Voisins Solidaires

Voisins Solidaires : The good side of being right beside!

The Voisins Solidaires program offers an approach inviting citizens to develop neighborhood solidarity in their living environment. It aims to strengthen cordiality and small gestures between neighbors, and contributes to building community spirit in neighborhoods.

This approach is part of the city's AFM policy. The second orientation of this policy is to develop the neighborhood approach by promoting proximity between citizens. One of the objectives of this orientation is to improve the sense of belonging, social cohesion and citizen participation. Voisins solidaires enables various municipal actions to be linked to this good-neighborly approach through projects that allow people to help their neighbors.


The Voisins Solidaires project aims to promote small acts of kindness between neighbors to create a community spirit and a sense of belonging to the neighborhood.


Being a supportive neighbor is easier than you might think. Small acts of kindness may sometimes be enough to put a smile on a neighbor's face!

There are many ways to be a supportive neighbor:

  • greeting your neighbors cordially when you see them;
  • picking up the mail of neighbors on vacation;
  • carrying an elderly neighbor's groceries;
  • offering to clear snow from the driveway of a neighbor with reduced mobility;
  • initiate car-sharing for travel;
  • organize a weekly book club;
  • mow the lawn when your neighbor is out of town;
  • ask your elderly neighbor to water the plants and feed the cat while you're away;
  • take in your neighbor's garbage at the same time as your own;
  • offer to shovel your elderly neighbor’s driveway.

For more information 

Visit the websites of Voisins Solidaires and Espace MUNI