Citizen Consultation Platform

Citizen Consultation Platform

A message from your Town Council

Dear fellow citizens,

Kirkland's population is set to grow from 20,000 to 28,000 over the next decade.

With the arrival of the REM and several other major development projects, we need to look to tomorrow as of now and start thinking about the future of our facilities, programs and services to the population.

That is why we are launching today this new citizen consultation platform dedicated to you.  It is a place where you can express your opinions and share your ideas on various topics of public interest, as part of diverse consultations in which you will be asked to participate over time.   

Your involvement is essential to build a future that truly reflects us and meets the expectations and needs of our community.

Kirkland wants to hear from you!  Together, let's define the “Kirkland Quality” criteria on which your ideas TODAY will help define the Kirkland of TOMORROW! 

To access the new citizen consultation platform, click here


Michel Gibson

District 1 - Timberlea

Michael Brown

District 2 - Holleuffer

Luciano Piciacchia

District 3 - Brunswick

Nancy Kokinasidis

District 4 - Lacey Green West

Domenico Zito

District 5 - Lacey Green East

Stephen Bouchard

District 6 - Canvin

John Morson

District 7 - Saint-Charles

Paul Dufort

District 8 - Summerhill

Karen Cliffe